Ella Greenlee

(Robert Calvert, Joseph Patterson, Hugh)


Ella Greenlee ( Robert Calvert, Joseph Patterson, Hugh) born March 08, 1878, Sumter County, Alabama, died August 03, 1964 in Corsicana, Navarro County,  Texas;  married Dr. William H. Dunn, born March 07, 1869, died January 15,1943.


More About Ella Greenlee:

Burial: 1964, Eureka Cemetery, Navarro County, TX

More About Dr. William H. Dunn:

Burial: 1943,Eureka Cemetery, Navarro County, TX


Children of Ella Greenlee and William Dunn:

01 Bruce Dunn ,born 1897, Eureka, Navarro County, Texas.

02 Kate Dunn.

03 Francis Dunn ,born August 27, 1904, Eureka, Navarro County, Texas; died November 22,1993, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas.