Descendants of Hugh Greenlees and Isabella McGowin

Hugh Greenlees was born in Lisburn, County Antrium, Ireland. He married Isabella McGowin. She was born in Lisburn, County Atrium, Ireland. They were the parents of a number of children who came to America about 1827 and to Alabama by 1829. The Greenlees, Calverts and other Scots-Irish Presbyterian immigrant families settled Near Boligee in Greene County, Alabama and later went to Sumter County when it opened for white settlers after 1830. 

Children of Hugh Greenlees and Isabella McGowin:

01 Mary Greenlees, Born 1794

02 Esther Greenlees, Born about 1795; 

03 Jane Greenlees, Born 1795, Ireland; Died Sumter County, Alabama

04 John Greenlees, Born May 11, 1796, County Antrim or Down Ireland; Died September 09, 1855, Sumter County, Alabama.

05 William Greenlees, Born About 1799, Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland or Belfast County, Down, Ireland; Died June 20, 1864, Pine Bluff, Bradley County, Arkansas.

06 Joseph Patterson Greenlee, Born 1802, County Down or Antrium, Ireland; Died April 08, 1880, Sumter County, Alabama, Buried in Greenlees Cemetery.

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