John Greenlees



John Greenlees, (Hugh) born May 11, 1796, County Antrium or Down, Ireland, died September 9, 1855, Sumter County, Alabama; married Isabella Dickson, November 11, 1819, daughter of David Dickson and Margaret Dickson, born July 21, 1797, County Antrium or Down, Ireland, died May 18, 1859, near Paynesville, Alabama.


Notes for John Greenlees

Landed in Charleston, South Carolina. He worked at his trade, machinist and painter, until he saved enough to bring his family to America. In 1820 he bought land near Boligee, Greene County, Alabama. After remaining there for ten years he moved into the adjoining County of Sumter which was then a wilderness. In 1837 he sold his place and moved to Paynesville in Sumter County where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a Magistrate until the time of his death.  Naturalized in 1830, papers recorded in Greene County but transfered to Sumter County on November 11, 1834, Probate Record Book 1, pp88. He stated in 1830 he had "lived in the States upward of three years and Alabama one year at that time". the Greenlees, Calverts and other Presbyterial Scots emigrants settled in Greene County, Alabama in what was known as "the Irish Settlement" and later came to Sumter County when it opened to white settlers.


More about John Greenlees:

Census: 1850, Sumter County Census

Elected: 1828, Justice of the Peace

Immigration: December 1822, On ship Caledonia to Charleston, South Carolina

Naturalization 1: March 1830, Filed for naturalization in Greene County

Naturalization 2: November 7, 1834, Naturalization papers transferred to Sumter County

Occupation: 1850 Sumter County, Alabama page 43

Religion: 1837, Elder in the Presbyterian Church


Children of John Greenlees and Isabella Dickson:

01 Jane Greenlee, born November 11, 1820, Ireland, died March 25, 19870, Kossuth, Alcorn         County, Mississippi.

02 William Greenlees, born January 31, 1821, Ireland.

03 Hugh Greenlee, born November 26, 1826,

04 Isabella Greenlee, born May 19, 1828, Erie, Greene County, Alabama.

05 Margaret Ann Greenlee, born January 8, 1830, Boligee, Greene County, Alabama; died May 25, 1906.

06 Mary Greenlee, born March 6, 1832, Greene County, Alabama; married George Calvert, February 9, 1856, Sumter County, Alabama.

07 John B Greenlee, born March 23, 1833, Greene or Sumter County, Alabama; married Georgia Appleby.

08 David James Greenlee, born January 1837, Sumter County, Alabama; died January 25, 1865,  CSA Nashville, Tennessee; buried in Grave 11610, Nashville City Cemetery;  married Sarah W Hopper, 1843, Sumter County, Alabama, died 1926; Sarah married (2) Erasmus Thomas, 1865, Sumter County, Alabama.

   Military Service: 1862, 43rd Infantry, Company E, Sgt; 43rd Mississippi Regiment of Johnson's Army, CSA; died at Nashville, Tennessee.

09 Joseph Patterson Greenlees, born December 9, 1838, Sumter County, Alabama, Married Sallie L Manning.

   Military Service: 9th Infantry, Company E

10 Charles Greenlee, born September 9, 1839, Sumter County, Alabama; died July 28, 1845.