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Joseph Patterson Greenlees, (Hugh) born 1802, County Down or Antrium, Ireland; died April 8,1880, Sumter County Alabama, buried Greenlees Cemetery, Sumter County Alabama; married (1) Hester Ann Busby, July 14, 1834, Sumter County, Alabama by elder, M.E.C., daughter of John Busby and Penelope, born about 1816 in South Carolina, died about 1843 in Menden, Alabama or Louisiana. Married (2) Lear Ann Wiggins, August 13, 1846. She was born 1824 in South Carolina, died December 18, 1884 in Jones Bluff Beat, Sumter County, Alabama of heart failure.


Notes for Joseph Patterson Greenlee:

July 14, 1834 from Voice of Sumter "Solemnized on on the 27th of June by R. H. Hebert, Mr. Joseph Greenlees and Hester Ann Busby. R. H. Hebert, Elder MEC, John Greenlee, Bondsman"


More about Joseph Patterson Greenlees:

Cause of Death: Meningitis

Census: 1850, Sumter County, Alabama 41

Immigration: November 28, 1826, Arrived Port of New Orleans from Belfast on Ship Edward Dennis

Medical Information: Physican: Darby Henagan, Listed in Mortality Schedule of Sumter County 1880

Property 1: 1832, Alabama land grant by President

Property 2: October 1, 1838, bought land in Sumteville, Alabama

Religion: August 23, 1835, Joined the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sumter County


More about Hester Ann Busby:

Religion: August 22, 1842, Joined the Bethel Presbyterian Church in Sumter County


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Children of Joseph Patterson Greenlees and Hester Ann Busby:

01 William M Greenlee, born 1836; died August 31, 1864, Killed at Manassas, near Richmond

   W. M. Greenlee on the Confederate Monument of Sumter County, Alabama

02 Mary Ann Greenlee, born 1837; married AHugh L Bennett, May 16, 1853, Sumter County, Alabama, born 1830, Alabama

03 James M Greenlee, born 1838; died June 29, 1889, Sumter County, Alabama, buried in Greenlees Cemetery.

04 Robert Calvert Greenlee, born November 3, 1839, Jones Bluff, Sumter County, Alabama; died July 14, 1895, Eureka, Navarro County, Texas

05 Joseph Busby Greenlee, born January 1843; died November 10, 1866

   Died at the home of sister, Mary and H. L. Bennett from wounds received at Jonesboro, Georgia

Note for Joseph Busby Greenlee:

November 17, 1866 from the Voice of Sumter - "died in this County on Saturday the 10th, at the residence of Mr. H. L. Bennett, Esq., Mr. Joseph B. Greenlee, age 23 years, 10 months"


More about Joseph Busby Greenlee:

Census; 1850, Sumter County, Listed with grandfather, John F. busby

Military Service: 1861, 5th Infantry, New Company E or 9th Infantry, Company E


Children of Joseph Patterson Greenlee and Lear Wiggins:

06 Elizabeh "Bettie" J. Greenlee, born July 5, 1847, Sumter County, Alabama; died January 17, 1918, Sumter County, Alabama; married (1) James B. Lee, Sumter County, Alabama, born May 27, 1823, died December 23, 1902; married (2) William Riley, march 31, 1871, Sumter County, Alabama, home of father.

Note for Elizabeth "Bettie" J. Greenlee:

February 10, 1871 from Livingston Journal, "Married on this 1st at the residence of the brides father, Mr. Joseph Greenlee, by Reverend W. H. Pasley, Mr. William Riley and Miss Elizabeth Greenlee, all of this county"

07 John J Greenlee, born 1850

08 Hugh W Greenlee, born October 28, 1851, Sumter County, Alabama; died November 17, 1929, Sumter County, Alabama

09 Isabella "Belle" Greenlee, born 1854, married Thomas Fitzpatrick, February, 17, 1875, Sumter County, Alabama, home of father.

Notes for Isabella"Belle" Greenlee:

February 26, 1875 - Livingston Journal - "Married on the 17th at the residence of Mr. Joseph Greenlees, by reverend A. R. Scarborough, Mr. Thomas Fitzpatrick and Miss Belle Greenlee, all of this county"

More about Thomas Fitzpatrick: 1860 CSA Company G, 5th Alabama

10 David Greenlee, born 1856

11 Henry George Greenlee, born 1858

12 Virginia Greenlee, born 1862