Robert Calvert Greenlee

(Joseph Patterson, Hugh)


Robert Calvert Greenlee, (Joseph Patterson, Hugh), born November 3, Jones Bluff, Sumter County, Alabama; died July 14, 1895, Eureka, Navarro County,  Texas; married Elizabeth Catherine Johnston, April 30, 1868, Gainsville, Sumter County, Alabama, daughter of Henry Johnston and Mary Swilley, born February 14, 1848, Jones Bluff, Sumter County, Alabama, died October 1, 1937, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas.

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Burial: 1895, Eureka Cemetery, Navarro County, Texas

Migrated: 1882, Moved to Eureka, Texas from Sumter County, Alabama

Military Service 1: 1861, Confederate Army, Company A 36th Alabama Infantry

Military Service 2: Two brothers killed in the War Between the States

Note: Married by Reverend A. R. Scarborough


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Burial: 1937, Eureka Cemetery, Navarro, Texas


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Children of Robert Greenlee and Elizabeth Johnston:

01 Mary Hayden Greenlee, born July 30, 1869, Gainsville, Sumter County, Alabama; died July 7, 1971, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas

02 Robert Henry Greenlee, born February 25, 1873, Sumter County, Alabama; died January 31, 1955, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas

03 Fannie Taylor Greenlee, born February 2, 1876, Sumter County, Alabama; died October 12, 1944, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas

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Burial: 1944, Eureka Cemetery, Navarro County, Texas

Occupation: Onned Aunt Fannies Notion Shop in Corsicana

04 Ella Greenlee, born March 8, 1878, Sumter County, Alabama; died August 3, 1964, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas

05 Maria Snow Greenlee (twin)

06 Pearl Greenlee, married Alan Edens

07 Annie Willett Greenlee, born July 15, 1887; died December 24, 1981, Corsicana, Navaro County, Texas

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Burial: 1981, Eureka Cemetery, Navarro County, Texas

Occupation: Owned Willette's Interiors in Corsicana

08 Rueben Ross Greenlee, born April 17, 1893, Eureka, Navarro County, Texas; died July 31, 1987, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas; married May; born June 4, 1894, died August 5, 1989.

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Burial: 1987, Eureka Cemetery, Navarro County, Texas